Celebrating Success: We won The Best Digital Campaign of the Year 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our team has clinched the title of "Digital Campaign of the Year 2023" at the prestigious Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK) GALA AWARDS. This victory not only positions us as the best digital marketing agency of the year but also reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation.


A year ago, when we undertook the challenge of doing She is Digital campaign for Girl Child Network sponsored by Mexoxo and Loreal Fund For Women, little did we foresee the remarkable journey that awaited. Our mission was clear: empower women through the "She is Digital Kenya" initiative, a free 40 hours course program designed to equip women with essential digital skills.

Lucia Musau, a Board Member of the Marketing Society of Kenya, presenting our award to Mr. Edward Oswe, the CEO of MSK.


Our uphill battle was to craft a compelling digital marketing campaign that not only generated interest in the She is Digital Kenya program but also aimed to enroll 10,000 women within a tight three-month window, with a colossal outreach impression target of 8,000,000 ladies.


Enter the Digital Tailor Agency, armed with our cutting-edge performance branding and marketing service that was only a few days old. Our meticulous digital marketing strategy, sharpened by AI precision, centered around creating engaging content to raise awareness. The primary objective? Generate leads and drive women to sign up for the course during the specified three-month timeframe.

Aggrey Lutsinga, the Managing Director of Digital Tailor Agency Limited, presenting the winner's certificate to Mercy Musomi, CEO of Girl Child Network.

The Winning Solutions:

Make Your Message Relatable:

Initially, we adhered to a polished, professional approach with English copy and refined creatives. However, a game-changer emerged when we dared to be different. "Kenyanese" captions, speaking directly to our audience in a familiar dialect, outperformed our expectations. The results were evident, proving the potency of relatability.

Know When To Scale Your Campaign:

The turning point came with our winning Ad Creative, perfectly timed and incredibly relevant. Seizing the opportunity, we scaled our ads to all the 47 counties, confident that our messages would resonate and drive action.

The Journey Continues:

As we revel in the glory of our achievement, we share our key takeaway: flexibility is paramount in marketing. Success lies in questioning, testing, and embracing what works best for your audience. Ours was a language shift and leveraging on the power of AI; yours might be in creativity or platform. Remember, nothing in marketing is cast in stone.

Your Take-Home Message:

As a business owner or digital marketer, navigating the intricate web of sophistication can be daunting. At times, simplicity and adaptability prevail where sophistication falls short. Challenge your choices, test new approaches, and stick with what works – your journey, like ours, continues.

Thank you for joining us on this remarkable voyage. Here's to more triumphs ahead!

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