Digital Marketing Campaigns FAQS 2021

When it comes to achieving notable business growth, there is no escape from digital marketing campaigns. In this article, we're going to talk about frequently questions based on our diligent listening to questions asked from our clients, and on online and social media.

Q: What is Digital Campaign Management?

A:Digital campaign management involves running, distributing, and boosting online ads using online advertising tools and techniques. It requires a carefully detailed plan and budget, tailored for your business and target market.The campaign plan helps you guide your target customers to willingly purchase your products and services.

Q: What is included in Digital Campaigns?

A: Goals - Options can be endless but the most important goals include brand awareness, follower growth, conversions, and lead generation.

A defined target market - Who are you targeting? Find your niche market. Remember a well-defined audience is a key to a successful digital marketing campaign.

Personas - Imagine the kind of person who would buy your product. Understanding your target audience is key to creating personalized experiences in your digital campaign.

Budget - If you require a digital marketing company, have in mind a budget for paying for services as well as a budget for running Facebook or Google Ads.

Channels - For example, if you are a B2B company, you will probably use different channels from a B2C business. A combination of social media channels, emails, and website optimization is the best option for a strong digital marketing strategy.

Keyword research - Brainstorm a list of keywords that you think customers will be searching for and then run an analysis to see how your performance is against.

Q: How do you manage your digital campaign?

A. With all the research done and goals set, it’s time to set up your ads on social media platforms. Create engaging advertisements that the audience can relate to. Whichever platform you use, set your objectives and your budget (Start small while you build up)As always, it's important to pay attention to your accounts. Keep up with your follower growth and online reputation through interactions with your customers.

Q: What are Digital Ad campaigns?

A: A digital ad campaign is a marketing strategy that uses digital channels to promote a business. Its main goal is to increase engagement, traffic, and conversions. Below are some digital ad campaigns you can consider.

Content Marketing provides information and solves problems to customers through high-quality and useful content. Great content at the centre of your digital campaigns sets a platform for success in your marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization optimizes your online content so it appears high on rank search engine result pages (SERP) to help people find and connect with you. Already, customers are looking for ways to solve their problems, and search engines help show them that you have.

Social media marketing activities such as posting tailored content drive engagement and promote your brand. Top social media platforms include Facebook Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Linked In & Pinterest.

Display advertising mainly tends to attract the attention of website or mobile app users. Display ads are mostly textual, image or video-based, and they encourage viewers to click on a landing page and take action.

Influencer Marketing uses word-of-mouth references to increase awareness of a brand. People do trust recommendations and influencers can leverage them to impact the decisions of their loyal followers. These are just a few ways to reach your audience, new ideas and platforms pop up every day. To sum up, the most important part is to start with your customer and your business. Start with who they are and where they spend most of their time.

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