eCommerce Sites vs Brick and Mortar Shops

It has often been said that brick and mortar shops are dying. This is mainly due to technological advancements and the rise of eCommerce sites that have seen the amount of traffic in physical stores dwindle by the day. Yes, some shoppers still enjoy an inhouse shopping experience but a better majority find online shopping convenient. As a shop owner should you embrace eCommerce platforms or should you hold on to your store? Here are the fundamental differences between eCommerce sites and brick and mortar shops.

Ecommerce Sites areConvenient and Flexible.

When it comes to brick and mortar sites, customers can only shop within the designated opening and closing hours. What happens when a customer is in the mood for some impulse shopping? Or when they see a product they like but your store is too far from their location? They result in buying from eCommerce stores! Convenience and flexibility are some of the reasons why shoppers prefer online stores. They are not limited by geographical factors or time restrictions. With eCommerce stores, shoppers can make purchases from anywhere and at any time!

Security of Transactions

There is always the question of how safe and secure eCommerce transactions are. Think of it this way, how many times have you miscalculated and ended up giving a customer more change? There is also the risk of the physical store getting robbed. When it comes to eCommerce stores, shoppers pay an exact amount, leaving no chance for physical handling of cash. The customer's information is also kept confidential, making the overall transaction secure.

Time-saving and Ability to Easily Compare Pricing.

Say you are in need of a particular brand of television. How much time will it take you to visit all electronic shops in your location, compare their prices and still make a purchase? How many stores can you be sure will have the exact make you are looking for? Now imagine you decide to make the same purchase from an eCommerce platform.  You can easily compare prices from different online stores, from the comfort of your home and in less than an hour. You also get to have the product delivered right to your doorstep and sometimes even get installations for free!

Operating Expenses.

For a brick and mortar shop to flourish, it has to be located in a prime area, with considerable foot traffic. In addition to that, you have to pay rent, pay your salespeople and incur other expenses like electricity and water bills. Ecommerce platforms, on the other hand, have minimal operating expenses. Your business will be hosted online so technically the only fees you will be paying for will be hosting fees. Employees' salaries are minimal and you eliminate some taxes altogether.

Ecommerce Sites vs Physical Stores; Our pick

While we cannot dispute that brick and mortar shops do have their advantages, we also cant refute that eCommerce sites are the better option. Online shopping is the new craze and as a business, if you haven't had an eCommerce shop created for you then you are missing out.

The good news though, is that you can always hire the leading web designers in Kenya to create one for you!

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