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Did you know that two-thirds of smart download at least one mobile app per month?


If your app is easy to use and offers unique functionality, it will definitely convert-- into increased sales opportunities and more loyal customers!

The Google Play Store and Apple App Store are currently home to more than 4M apps – that’s 5x the number of websites on the World Wide Web!
01. Ideation
Brainstorming an idea of an opportunity that could be explored through a mobile app.
02. Strategy
How are you going to launch your app? What’s your revenue model? These are some of the issues deliberated here.
03. Information Architecture
This is part of the user experience design process. An information architecture defines data layout on your app, outlining how app users will access information sections on the app.
04. Wireframes
Here you map app data and functionality to plan the app’s structure.
05. Mockups
You get a realistic prototype that is clickable and gives you a feel of how users will interact with your app.
06. Front End Development
Front end mobile app development achieves the user interface. This is what is installed on Android or iOS. Here, the designs visualized in the mockup are implemented.
07. Back End Development
Back end mobile app development involves the web API that is deployed on a server.
08. Testing
Testing is done, usually by an internal team of testers. Examples of tests carried out include unit tests and stress tests.
09. Beta Release
The app is published for testing by real world users. During beta testing, the app has not been commercially launched.
10. Deployment
After bug fixes and iterative updates and releases, the app is published on Google Play Store and Apple’s app store.
11. Coding
After launch, the mobile app is continuously monitored to check for optimal performance, remove bugs and ensure data security.

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