MPESA integration service.

M-Pesa integration is a must for businesses that want to receive money from the local Kenyans. You might not know that M-PESA transactions account for nearly half of Kenya’s GDP!


We will take all the stress out of your payment processes by integrating m-pesa on your website.

Your clients are able to place orders, pay and receive their products in record time.
01. Paybill Account Application
To integrate a website, app or system with the Mpesa web API, you must register for an Mpesa pay bill account for your business.
02. Back End Development
We write computer code to integrate your system with the Mpesa API. The API supports several programming languages including PHP, Python, Ruby and Java.
03. API Call Testing
Testing is done after development to establish communication between your system and the Mpesa API. This step is crucial because payment information is sensitive and its accuracy is paramount.
04. Deployment
After thorough testing, we launch the Mpesa integration service on your system and you are ready to accept Mpesa payments.

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